Wirkung von Guayusa Tee - Besser als Kaffee?

Effect of Guayusa Tea - Better than coffee?

Guayusa tea is drunk by most people mainly because of its whole effects. But how exactly does Guayusa tea work? Does it taste good too? And is Guayusa really a coffee alternative?
Why we love "Green" Guayusa Reading Effect of Guayusa Tea - Better than coffee? 6 minutes

Guayusa tea has become increasingly important in Germany in recent years . Many people drink it because it has an effect all of its own. But how exactly does Guayusa tea work? Does it taste good too? And what about the effect compared to coffee?

Guayusa leaves from above

The Effects of Guayusa Tea

Guayusa is the most caffeinated leaf in the world and has an effect all of its own. This is mainly due to the way in which the caffeine is present in the leaves.

caffeine = caffeine?

Even if caffeine is always caffeine from a purely chemical point of view, its effect on the body can vary greatly. Depending on what it is mixed with other ingredients, or the extent to which it is bound to other chemical components, caffeine can be absorbed by the body in fundamentally different ways.

Guayusa bag in hand, next to a glass of brewed Guayusa

A special bond

The caffeine in guayusa tea is bound to a specific type of amino acid that causes the caffeine to enter the bloodstream more slowly. Since our body needs time to break down this connection, the caffeine does not become available and usable in the stomach, but only in the intestine. As a result, the caffeine high comes on more slowly, lasts longer, and is perceived more subtly overall. This minimizes the effects on the cardiovascular system, so palpitations caused by too much caffeine can be avoided with Guayusa.

Enjoy with care!

However, guayusa tea is still not suitable for people suffering from heart disease or high blood pressure. This warning is due to the fact mentioned above that guayusa is the leaf with the highest caffeine content in the world. Even if the gentle effect of the leaf can hide it: A well-brewed cup of guayusa (3g guayusa in 250ml water) can already contain up to 80mg of caffeine after 6-8 minutes of steeping, which corresponds to a can of Red Bull.

The taste of Guayusa

Guayusa tea tastes very mild overall. The comparison to Mate is often made, but we don't think that's 100% correct. Guayusa is by far not as "edgy" as the related mate tea. If you don't like mate tea, that doesn't say anything about Guaysa. The two types of tea taste very different.

Sweet herbal tea

Guayusa can best be described as slightly sweet and herbal, while mate tea tastes rather tart and often has a slightly smoky note (also depending on the mate). With our "Original" Guayusa you can look forward to particularly mild tea enjoyment, as it is processed in the "Green Process", a process that removes moisture from the leaves in a particularly gentle and controlled manner. This not only makes the tea particularly mild, it also keeps its original aroma. have more to it

Guayusa never (Yes, NEVER!) becomes bitter.

Guayusa tea has the great advantage that it never becomes bitter, no matter how long it steeps. It owes this to the absence of tannins, the substance that makes black tea almost undrinkable if steeped too long.

Guayusa packaging, behind which tea is poured

Your basis for new things

In terms of taste, Guayusa can almost be described as inconspicuous. For us, this is very good news for two reasons:

1) Guauysa and its taste is a drink for every day

2) It is the ideal starting point for your own tea creations, here is an idea for a Gauyusa iced tea.

Guayusa versus coffee

Guayusa and coffee are both very popular drinks that people love to drink. But what is the difference between the two?

Coffee is poured into a cup

Acid-free tea enjoyment

The biggest and most obvious difference between guayusa and coffee is the fact that guayusa tea does not contain any (caffeic) acid. This caffeic acid is a problem for many people because it can be responsible for stomach pain or digestive problems. Drinking coffee every day can lead to health problems. Guauysa not only shines here with the absence of any acid, it also brings antioxidants and amino acids that are not contained in coffee.

Caffeine, but different

Another difference between the two drinks is the effect. The effect of coffee is stronger and more noticeable than that of guayusa, especially at the beginning. Coffee takes effect very quickly (because of the unbound caffeine), while guayusa caffeine enters the blood more slowly and is not as prominent in its effect. But it lasts longer and more constant, there is no Guayusa crash, as you know it from coffee.

So if you're looking for a caffeinated drink and don't want the jitters of coffee, you'll definitely find it at Guayusa.

Bonus - No Yellow Teeth!

A nice bonus to enjoying guayusa is that it doesn't yellow your teeth. Coffee and black tea make teeth yellow because they contain tannins and bitter substances. Guayusa does not contain any of these substances and therefore does not stain the teeth at all.

Conclusion: A good coffee alternative

In our opinion, Guayusa is a very good alternative to coffee. It has many of the same beneficial effects but tastes much milder and does not cause stomach pain or digestive problems. Plus, it won't yellow your teeth.

In any case, you should try Guayusa, the effect is always individual and should best be tested by everyone. However, it is important to note during the first test that the caffeine from guayusa does not hit your blood like a big "wave" at once, as described above, so the effects will initially feel less intense. Better not try to help with more guayusa here. An overdose is much more difficult to achieve than with coffee because of the special mode of action, but you should wait and listen to your body first.

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