Guayusa Zubereitung in Kanne mit Loeffel

Guayusa Preparation - Easy & Fast

Guayusa is prepared like herbal tea. Get an overview of the amount of leaves and water, brewing time and variety of preparation options.
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Guayusa is really quick and easy to prepare. The word "fault" doesn't really exist here. Everything is allowed and possible. Since guayusa does not contain any bitter substances, you do not have to be afraid of releasing too many bitter substances from the leaf (as with matcha or green tea, for example). Water temperature and brewing time can be viewed much more flexibly. However, you should still observe certain general conditions so that you get enough taste, caffeine and antioxidants in your cup. 

Guayusa + water = energy

Here you will find an overview of the most common types of preparation.

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Guayusa preparation overview

Preparation in the bag

For the classic preparation of a cup (approx. 240 ml of water) we take one to two teaspoons of guayusa. If you're drinking guayusa primarily for the caffeine, we definitely recommend two teaspoons of the leaves.

The caffeine content is then 50-80 mg/cup. That's roughly the equivalent of a can of Red Bull. 

The tea is then brewed with 100°C hot water. Since caffeine dissolves faster the higher the water temperature, you should not prepare your guayusa with water that is less than 80°C. That's why Cold Brew Guayusa (here link) has to steep for at least 4 hours, ideally 8-12 hours. 

After 5-7 minutes you can remove the guayusa leaves and your natural energy drink is ready. We have developed our own "Special Cut" for our reeds. Large leaf pieces are mixed with slightly smaller leaf pieces. Smaller pieces of leaf have more surface area and thus release more caffeine into the water faster. Large pieces of leaves ensure that the tea lies loosely in the bag and that there is not too much powder that could get into the cup through the paper or sieve. 

Brew twice for double the enjoyment

You can easily brew Guayusa a second time. The taste is a little milder and the caffeine content is relatively strong. In any case, you get the maximum out of the power blade. 

Want a change? 

Due to its restrained and herbal taste, Guayusa is perfect as a basis for your own tea creations. There are no limits to your imagination. 

You can get a simple and healthy (lots of vitamin C!) change by adding fresh lemon juice, for example. Hot lemon with power! 

We highly recommend adding mint and/or peppermint. The peppermint and its menthol, together with the caffeine of the guayusa, let you breathe deeply every morning and start the day refreshed. 

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