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From 10€, until then 1€ shipping costs.

We ship to Austria free of charge from €25, up to then €4.95.

We always ship the next working day . Depending on the location, your tea will be with you the next day, at the latest after two days (Mon-Sat).

We send orders up to 300g with DHL as Warenpost, so the package fits in your mailbox. It is sent as a package with DHL. You will receive a tracking number for all orders so that you can always keep an eye on your package.

We rely on GoGreen and zero-waste or FSC-certified packaging.

Guayusa tea

Related to mate, but tastes very different. Very mild, slightly sweet with aromas of fresh herbs. Overall rather reserved and therefore pleasantly drinkable. Can be easily refined with lemon, juice or other herbs.

The effect is similar to coffee, but without heart palpitations or (mental) restlessness. Since the caffeine is bound (like matcha), it is absorbed into the blood more slowly and stays there longer. We find the effect to be clearer and gentler than with coffee. Even large amounts (up to 1 liter of tea) do not cause discomfort. This is ensured by the special combination with L-theanine and theobromine.

Guayusa leaf contains:

- caffeine (50-80 mg in a cup of tea)

- Theobromine (The stuff that makes you happy while eating chocolate)

- L-Theanine (A complex amino acid that rounds out the effects of caffeine)

- phenols and flavonoids, as well as some amino acids (rather small amounts).

Our Guayusa is the first of its kind in the world. This designation stands for a special drying process. It works with a lower temperature and gentle steam. This results in the leaves not oxidizing and retaining much of their green color. This keeps the taste mild and juicy and more of the caffeine is retained.

This designation stands for the leaf size of our tea. We mix larger pieces of leaf with slightly smaller ones. With this mix, the tea has the ideal surface size and you get the full aroma even with a short brewing time in the cup.

At least two years from bottling.

Our packaging has a high-quality zipper and is made of kraft paper on the outside. Inside, a PET barrier effectively protects the tea from external influences such as moisture.

About Waykana

We produce our Guayusa in Ecuador ourselves. With the help of selected partners in each country, we can use distribution channels extremely efficiently and save on marketing costs. In the end, more gets stuck with our farmers (15% above Fair Trade standards). More on this

With the organic seal, independent control bodies confirm that our Guyusa has been cultivated and processed without pesticides and in an environmentally friendly manner. With this seal we can also pass on our trust in the farmers to you.